Here at PCP Clothing, one of our main concerns is to create a positive impact on the environment and to raise the consciousness about the challenges of climate change. Our path to achieve a greener planet starts from recycled garments, low waste strategies, reusable packages and goes on and on. Because we know how important it is to have as much information as possible about what goes on our bodies, transparency with our customers is one of our main priorities. PCP Clothing has made it easy to understand our supply chain and our values regarding our processes. It’s time to start taking care of the environment and stop creating fast fashion. People must search when they buy something, where is it made, who has worked for it, what the brand gives back to society and what it stands for. As leaders in fashionable ethical practices, we have highlighted some of our features:



Most of our products are made with recycled or reclaimed materials that have been extracted and reconditioned for a new use. This process minimizes the flow of waste into landfills.

Many of our fabrics are made in collaboration with Aquafil, Econyl® a company that collects plastic from the ocean and creates yarns out of it. Our Matte & Printed leggings and Swimwear collection are made of 100% recycled materials.

Sustainability for us doesn’t stop at clothing. Our packaging is made out of recycled materials or they are reusable. We are still on our way to achieve our goals and we are trying to find more sustainable solutions, therefore our team is researching biodegradable materials to make new packages for our clothing lines. We really care about ecological solutions so we use nontoxic dyes for our embroidery, most of our products have the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. We have started to print our hang tags only on craft paper since “Gypsy woman” collection and started working with craft paper for our new packaging.

According to “Textile Exchange” , a global non-profit company, claims that “Organic cotton produces carbon emissions that are 46% lower than conventional cotton.” That’s why from 2019 we started using only 100% Organic cotton in our collections and non toxic dyes, with GOTS certification.

All our woven labels have been inspected and assessed in accordance with Global Recycled Standard GRS 4.0 by Control Union Certified Recycled Standard.

We are part of the slow fashion industry, we create 2 collections per year in limited quantities. A collection for Autumn Winter and a collection for Spring Summer.

We are part of the REUSE system. We offer the maternity #pcpleggings and with every purchase of it after your pregnancy you can return it back and make it again as our signature ones. When someone by accident rips his/her #pcpclothing we are offering for them solutions in order not to throw them away. We want our products to keep having life even after many uses, that’s why we strive to work with the best qualities.



Minimal waste strategy is the key to our progress. Our facility prides itself in finding creative and sustainable ways to minimize waste.  All of our employees care about the environment and use the recycling bins that can be found in every corner of the office and the workshop. Every piece of material is used for as many purposes as possible to minimize our footprint in waste.

We recycle all of our materials, we are trying to minimize our transfers and we use the same material to create many different garments in order to use as much of the material as possible without waste. In order to reduce our waste, we created a productive process:  the leftover pieces from all the collections made of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ are used to create accessories such as scrunchies. The last scraps are then used to stuff our showroom pillows, meaning that we never buy stuffing, and do not create added waste in landfills and everything is used. All spare fabrics that are not used are becoming #pcpscrunchies. For our expensive materials, we up-cycle them into new seasons so each garment has a unique aspect and people have more value for it. This way we hope to inspire people to keep their clothes longer and buy less often. Fashion industry creates tons of pollution, everyone has to work on their practices and take responsibility for what they are doing. Our target is to become a zero-waste company in the future, which isn’t easy and demands a lot of work and time which we are willing to give.




Reducing our carbon footprint is one of our basic aims. We produce and sew our clothes in Greece, Thessaloniki, trying to support the local economy and domestic employment.

By supporting many local community businesses, we are achieving to minimize our carbon footprint from transportation.

More than 90% of products are produced in Thessaloniki while fabrics are purchased from Italy, coming by track and not air in order to minimise our carbon footprint. The organic cotton that we use is made in Kilkis in Greece. Many people come by their bicycle or by their electric scooter, while others using their car are collecting their colleagues in order to avoid so much pollution by cars. PCP Clothing is a family business that’s why we like and we help other families, we grow all together and work having the same morals.



PCP Clothing values community, education and gender equality, which speaks to the brand’s involvement in various social campaigns worldwide.

We support and empower women as much as we can; 70% of the company has women. Our aim is to spread the message that everyone is unique and amazing: Be yourself because each and every one of us is here to tell the world something in a creative way so don’t be afraid to express it.

We keep educating ourselves by offering classes and seminars for free. We keep renovating our headquarters in order to create a more beautiful working atmosphere.



We support active people and our goal is to make their everyday routine a little bit easier with lots of color. The brand speaks to the hard working and spirited woman, with transitional pieces that go from a day at the office to a night out on the town. We encourage people to care for their health and body on an everyday basis-exercise really works miracles. We create clothing that has the best quality to be long lasting.



We know how hard it is for young people to find their way in the fashion industry, so we try our best by giving them the opportunity to start their journey with us. Internships and competitions are available every year and many young talented people have worked with us through the years. We want to be a part of those who will change the fashion game in a better way, and the solution can be found nowhere else than in the youth’s influence. Our belief is that when you push your limits and your boundaries, when you never ever give up or stop believing in yourself amazing things happen.



Conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner is at the core of PCP Clothing policy and has been ever seen since the beginning.

We aim to continuously raise the bar for ethical business conduct and ways of working. Integrity and respect for human rights are fundamental principles of all our transactions. We are trying to be 100% transparent with all of our clients and we often ask for their opinions.



Our company is committed to doing business with integrity and in attachment with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws. The brand remains transparent with their stance towards child labor and working with companies that neglect fair working conditions for their employees.



Our factory provides a workplace environment that is safe for all employees. We continuously strive for ways to stimulate and positively impact our employees.

Despite the fact that the company started as a family business, all production workers here in Greece are part of the PCP family, a team that works together to help each other grow. Thus, they earn more than the legally mandated minimum wage for the industry, which leads to a positive impact to their quality of life for themselves and their families. We also have access for people with disabilities.



We, at PCP Clothing care a lot, not only for the environment, but also for the people. We carry campaigns and we are supporters of many philanthropic events. We donate wheelchairs to people in need, as well as we buy wigs to give to women battling cancer. We also raise money from our campaigns in order to help children with disabilities. The company curates gifts for Syrian refugee children and contributes clothing and time.

PCP also organizes annual beach cleanups and tree planting. We try to participate and give as much as we can because we believe that when people give you their love and support by buying your products then you have to give it back by doing good.

Our intentions are donating proceeds back to charitable organizations through the numerous campaigns we hold to support a variety of causes close to heart. In 2018 PCP Clothing gets nominated by the Greek American Foundation with the “40 under 40” award for people combining business and philanthropy, we couldn’t be happier.


As an active company, PCP Clothing organizes many events every year, aiming to bring the fans of the brand closer and to spread the glitter. But as much as we love fun, our higher purpose of every event is to collect funds so we can help organizations that support people and children in need.

Also, all the proceeds from clothing sold for the campaign “TOUCH YOUR BOOBIES” go towards buying wigs for women undergoing chemotherapy.



PCP is a brand that celebrates woman’s figure in all its exciting forms. Since 2015, PCP raises its tone of voice for awareness, launching campaigns full of glitter, against breast cancer.

The campaign is called “TOUCH YOUR BOOBIES” in order to promote the importance of the clinical breast examination that all women should follow. “TOUCH YOUR BOOBIES” gets stronger year by year as it is an extra feminine campaign that is willing to sensitize people regardless their age and sex.

All proceeds of the limited-edition bracelets, hats and tops that were created for the campaign are donated to women’s associations for breast cancer.

PCP is actively standing on the side of women who give their own fight, reminding us daily how important the breast self-exam is.