AM to PM: How to Rock PCP All Day, Everyday

Title: AM to PM: How to Rock PCP All Day, Erryday

We’re totally going to toot our own horn here and show you exactly how PCP can take you from AM to PM feeling professional, confident, stylish, and sexy. One of the biggest challenges with finding your “sexy” can be the discomfort that tight dresses and revealing items leave you with. Here’s how to make sexy and comfort meet, and find your confident glow from AM to PM with PCP:  

  • The 9 to 5 Leggings

Our matte collection always brings a professional tone to any tunic, blouse, or tank and blazer. Own that board boarding, close that deal, or work through a productive day knowing PCPs got your back…and butt.

  • The Workout Leggings

The Black Label Series incorporates fun block colour patterns on our incredibly comfy and stretchy leggings, flowing with you, no matter what crazy position you may find yourself in!

  • The Dinner Leggings

Our gal Jacqueline always brings that pop of colour and shine to any outing attire. Paired with a sneaker or boot, you’ll be dressed to impress, whether out with the girls or on an awkward Tinder date.

  • The Party Leggings

Nothing says a party like our Promiscuous Girl collection. Animal print, vibrant colours, and disco ready looks, oh my!

  • The Sleep Suit leggings

Why wake up sweating in a onesie, when you can wake up sexy in a catsuit! For our Canadian friends, top that with a Yeti and you’re waking up full-on #PCPrincess.

Carpe diem, troops.

The Glitter Anarchist