Behind the brand

Behind the Brand PCP Pella Christina Papachristou

-What inspires you during the creative process ?

The chaos around me! As an aquarius or otherwise (υδρο-χαος), i tend to fall in love every 5 minutes, literally every 5 minutes! I fall in love with people, movements, music, furniture, sports, bodies, sun, earth, pencils, tables, potatos, tomatos, even fucking stilettos. My mind can’t stop thinking i am restless, i tend to fall in love with so many things trying to combine them and try to make the best out of it that i am literally living in a chaos and that is what inspires me the most. I have a photographic memory, i can never remember names (sorry for calling you all babes just blame it on my mind functionality). If you come to my office (at my house which is always in a chaos covered with glitter) it’s my best place to work, i know where is everything. I light up my candles, i put some good music on and i leave my mind to travel through my head and pick the best details of the month!

-How does a typical day at PCP look like ?

Like a hell made of glitter, shiny legs walking all around, different kinds of music playing in each office. People running fast to prepare samples, to sew, to talk with customers, to make coffee for the clients, to prepare the glitter anarchy blog, to pay bills, to cut the production. Most exciting part is the 30 minutes break that we take all the girls together, drinking our coffee, talking about our news, brainstorming, trying new samples, even doing squats to make our butts look nicer in the new #pcpswimwear bikinis.

-What’s your favorite piece of your latest collection ?

That’s a difficult question! Chaos, chaos, chaos! Pella FOCUS! I think i will go for the “Aloha white” or “Aloha black”, oh no wait! The “tie die”, or maybe the “neon leopard”?! Latest collection? Which one?  Do you mean the swimwear line? Then definitely the Virgin Orgasm, favorite pattern, favorite cocktail, favorite word.

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-How would you describe the PCP girl ?

Independent strong woman, hard workers, full of confidence, nothing can bring them down.

Bitches at work, silly when with friends, wild in bed. The next door girl the one that is feeling confident with herself and she doesn’t  have to wear makeup, fake eyelashes, fake boobs or lips or have the perfect body cause she brings all the craziness and that is what we admire the most. The one that doesn’t feel jealous she contributes to the world, but she doesn’t need to shout it out, she is generous and kind. Loves nature and sports.

-What sort of materials and textiles do you like to work with ?

Can’t take my hands off the beautiful expensive made in loom fabrics and reusable PVC and of course glitter.

-Your last campaign shooting was in Hawaii, what would we expect in the future?

Hawaii, Aloha and try spelling the humuhumunukunukuapua’a !! Difficult eh? Try spelling it backwards. Haha. By the way it’s a fish and its name it’s longer than it. Next photoshooting will be in Mars, I already got the tickets and you’re invited to join us as we spread glitter anarchy all over the universe.

-How would you describe the style of PCP in three words .

Authentic, Bold, Glitter