Behind the Idea

Apparat dans Passengers (Full Show HiRes) – ARTE Concert

And I couldn’t be more happy receiving the first samples of our new collab with Prigkipo so I decided to write about it and how this amazing collaboration started.

So as I was preparing the AW19/20 collection I was having my IPAD on my legs designing in Procreate and suddenly I see my tattoo that my beloved FoxyLady did on me. A barbed-wire heart and inside the slogan “WILD HEARTS”. At that time I was trying to figure out who is my perfect muse, my perfect girl, the girl that will wear the collection and love it and be her second skin. It was at that time that I realized that my collection is made for the “WILD HEARTS”, the fierce girls that want to make a change in the world, the ones that are not afraid to express themselves, the ones that when they enter in a room all the crowd looks at them. No no no because they are beautiful but because of the personality theirs that is hard to find, because all the girls are beautiful in their own way and style, but personality is what shines more. 

I made the perfect girl in my mind and I decided to name the collection “Wild Hearts”, and day by day as I was designing the collection I was looking more and more at my tattoo and I became so much passion with the idea and this wire heart that I wanted it on everything. I wanted to create huge barbed wire heart earrings to symbolize the strong woman and my perfect muse. I started doing my RnD (research and development) and I started thinking and designing it but I didn’t have the knowledge to make it so at that time I thought my dearest friend Kalomira that owns Prigipo and I immediately texted her. We started making plans and looking at the design, it had to be 100% made of a silver cause we’re bold, we are original, we shine and we deserve nothing less but always the best. Making the first samples we realized that the only way to make it is all by hand in order to achieve all the curves and the barbed wire, but it takes too much time to create it but the journey is magic. That’s why we decided to tell our beloved buddy Alex Grymani to come and take some backstage shots to show you the whole process of how it’s made. 

So please have a look at the process and the backstage photos before the final result, isn’t it amazing? I am so glad that I am a girl that was inspired by another girl and collaborated with another girl and all this process brings the #girlpower I love how I can collaborate with all these artists to bring alive ideas and designs. Thanks to all the girls out there who are inspiring us and get inspiration from us.