How To Style Your Biker Shorts

Intro – The XX

They say that denim shorts & jeans are the easiest items in your wardrobe which you can match them with everything.

Well, have you tried biker shorts?

This week’s blog post is all about the ways you can match your favorite PCP Biker or Malou Shorts.

Personally, I always start prepare my outfit by my shoes, depends the mix & match look I want to have and how comfy I wanna feel. But it doesn’t really matter; because today we are gonna see that Biker Shorts fit with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Office Look: Get your favorite blazer, a plain or printed tee, a more feminine blouse or shirt, add your “strict” glasses, a fancy bag & jewelry & choose the pair of shoes that make you feel chic or comfy and you are ready to go. You can either go with mules, high heels, or sneakers. Oh, don’t forget the Biker, you don’t wanna go “commando”…

Sporty Spice: Bikers & tees are matching buddies forever! The comfiest, most athletic, but also stylish combo you can choose! Sneakers like Converse, Vans, or your favorite trainers can take off your look! Add a pair of socks & PCP Scrunchie as a cute detail.

Feels Like Summer: Cropped, strappy, fringed tops, wide tees, and flip flops, slides, or sandals are perfect for a summerish & cool outfit combined with your favorite Biker Shorts.

The After Party: Glamorous, chic, or sexy is what Biker shorts can make you feel, combined “properly”. High heeled sandals, stilettos, or booties are the top accessory for this outfit! They can make your legs look longer in a combination with your Biker shorts and Adriana would be super jealous. As a top, you can choose a strappy crop top, lingerie top, or whichever glamorous item you have in your closet! You can also take you a pair of sneakers if you need to change later…

And last, but not least, my personal favorite: Street Style! There is no limit of combinations and matches in this look! You just need the Biker and let your fantasy begin! Blazer with hoodies, Tees & sweaters, denim jackets, sneakers, mules, combat or cowboy boots, fishnet stockings, slippers & socks, skirts, mini dresses, wrapped dresses, turtlenecks, leather jackets, crop tops, kimonos, socks, high heels, belt bags, handbags, pouch bags or backpacks, all in the name of fashion & layering. You can wear literally anything anyhow!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and found my advice helpful. That’s all for today girls.

Stay tuned for more…

xx Zafiro