International Women’s Day Post

There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman, working hard for what she wants, and only sitting to rest when success has been obtained. International Women’s Day is a force that has only recently been brought forth to the world, in the early 1900’s, giving women everywhere a day to truly embrace, honour, and love themselves and their fellow women. We live in a world that wasn’t exactly made for a woman. Through inequality, in an economic, social, and political perspective, to the hardships of just dealing with how the female anatomy works, every age and step of life brings a new challenge to women, and on top of that, more challenges can be brought forth by elements beyond our control; such as cultural competency, religion, race, and social status.

Yes, times have been tough, and women have been disadvantaged for many years, but this is a time to rise up and push worldwide equality forward. This is a time to embrace and understand the power of a female and all that she can do and represents. This is a time to come together as a community of global citizens and let our voices be heard, as one.

May today spark your craziest of dreams, and add a rainbow of colour to the path ahead.

Happy International Women’s Day and may worldwide equality be in our near distance future.

The Glitter Anarchist