PCP Reward Program

We decided to reward our loyal customers giving them an extra discount in their purchases via a playful point system. From now on every purchase of you is being rewarded with points, which you can redeem in your future purchases. 

Important to know:

  1. In our reward system can participate everyone who is registered as a customer in pcpclothing.com.
  2. Points ratio that is being earned from purchases is for each one euro, one point. For example if you make a purchase of 50€, 50 points will be credited in your account at pcpclothing.com
  3. The monetization of the points follows the rule 1 point = 0,05€.
  4. Your earned points does not have an expiry date.
  5. Your earned points cannot be tranfered to another account.
  6. You can redeem the earned points in every future order. 
  7. You can use your earned points totally or partially in an order. For example if you have allready earned some points but these points are not enought to fully pay the cost of the product you wish to buy, there is no reason to worry! You can redeem your existing points and complete the required amount for your payment in euros.
  8. In each order you can set the amount of your points you want to be redeemed. 
  9. You can always (from inside your user’s profile) see your available point balance. From your user’s profile, in the option “Points” you can see how may points you earned from each of your order, or how many points you redeemed for each order you made.
  10. To be rewarded with points after an order you made, basic condition is that we have sent it to you. As soon as your order is being marked from our customer service as completed, you will be able to see the points in your account at pcpclothing.com
  11. In any case of cancellation or refund and eventually return of your order the points you earned are removed automatically from your account at pcpclothing.com 
  12. The only products not participating in the reward point system are Outlet products, Scrunchies, Collabs and their subcategories. These products are not eligible for use in the point system at all. All other products are participating in the point system, no matter if they are discounted or not.
  13. In time periods that the offer “1 + 1 Gift” is running, the products that are participating in this offer are automatically excluded from the PCP Points and Rewards system.

PCP Gift Cards

You can puchase a gift card according to your needs with value of 25€, 50€, 100€ or 250€ or the Christmas Gift card of 60€. 

Gift cards can be purchased only with electronic payment (not with payment on delivery) or even with the points that you have collected from your previous orders at pcpclothing.com and you can personally use it (as you have an e-wallet service at pcpclothing.com or you can send it (this can be done at the time of the purchase) to a person that you wish to make a gift.

As soon as your payment has been completed, the gift card comes at the e-mail address you entered during its purchase.

The amount of the gift card is instantly available for its owner and it can be redeemed in any product of pcpclothing.com

Gift card’s value has no expiry date.

Users when they are logged-in they are able to see the remaining total of the purchased gift card from his/her account in the tab Gift Cards.

The amount that each gift card has can be redeemed totally or partially. If it will be redeemed partially the remaining amount will still appear at the tab Gift Cards in your account menu. You can even make a payment compining gift card’s value with another payment option available at pcpclothing.com, for example if you own a gift card of 25€ and the product you wish to purchase costs 30€ then you can redeem the gift card and pay another 5€ with credit/debit card or PayPal etc.

Finally there is the option to purchase a gift card today and to choose when you want the gift card to be delivered to the person you wish to (via e-mail).This is working automatically by our system, you don’t have to do anything more about it. The only thing you have to do is to state the date you wish the gift card to be delivered in the diary box when you purchase it.