PCP x SPZM: Behind the brief

P.g.lost – Crystalline

You asked it, we made it. Our PCP Clothing x Sex, Pizza & Zombie Music collaboration vol.2 is here. Are you h*rny yet?

I think it was one of those days where we were brainstorming about our new collections and collaboration when it hit Pella: We ‘re making a second collab with Sex, Pizza & Zombie Music. Of course, I agreed since I am a huge fan of the page. Plus everyone was expecting and anticipating a new tee by this duo. So what are we designing now? Think Zafiro, think. Okay. Let’s try something with pizza & sex. No? Not that. We need something that’s gonna be…sexy, erotic & minimal.
What comes on your mind when you’re thinking about sex? Is it something naughty, something dirty? Is it something orgasmic? Something erotic? Brainteaser maybe? I’d say all of the above.

My first step after these thoughts was to surf to the one and only Instagram page @sexpizzaandzombiemusic_2nd. Let’s see what we can find there. I was scrolling and scrolling to get ideas, to research and when I found the perfect images, quotes & meanings I started to design. After loads of artworks, we ended up choosing our three favorites, plus one we decided to make it look like a round pizza. But we still had to pick one and how great would it be if we knew what the audience wanted more? That’s right, the audience would vote for their favorite one and it’d go to production.
Let’s take a moment to appreciate and see the briefing behind all our artworks.

The first design was about a woman’s favorite clothing: sexy underwear. A pair of stockings, a garter belt, and a string, that makes every woman feel sexier and more passionate no matter what age or size she is. The idea came by seeing all these images with underwear that the page has. So we created a mood board to see all the things that make us think and feel about this kind of underwear.

The next artwork and my personal favorite were about self-pleasure: masturbating. Obviously @sexpizzaandzombiemusic_2nd helped once again to find our next masterpiece with their account photos.
It was kinda funny that we worked so hard to this artwork, to make it look obvious of what it is. We were taking pictures of our hands in that position and discussing which were the right fingers, but eventually, we did it!

And last, but not least, the third artwork. We decided to make it a brainteaser, a game. Like the ones we were playing when we were little. The ones that you had to draw a line between the dots, so you can see the final painting. A game for adults. As I was scrolling and looking at the pictures, I thought it could possibly be a woman’s butt inside her panties. Couldn’t it be sexier?

In the end, the big winner was the second artwork, with the most votes.
But let me tell you a secret: I will totally keep all the designs and print them to decorate my dining room… See what I did there?
So here was the sexiest collaboration of the year with PCP Clothing x Sex, Pizza & Zombie Music!