PCPini of the week

Name: Dimitra Kontovas

Instagram Handle: dim_kontova

Favorite PCP’s and why: I love leggings and bikers due to their fabric and variety of colors 😍 Also cause they’re stylish all day and so comfortable for a wheelchair user. I love my beach towels – oh gosh, they’re soooo soft – especially my personalized lilac and my dog’s baby lilac 🙈 I love the swimsuits which are elegant and sexy for the beach or for a night out 🎉 Last but not least I’m in love with the wetsuit and the memories I have wearing it 💜

How are you contributing positively to this big, bad world? I’m spreading smiles and positive vibes all around me. 🌸 As long as I remember myself I donate used clothing, offering food or help to those in need and I’ve limited my water usage. Respect the animals, respect the environment, respect each other 🌈 Make kindness a daily practice. Give a compliment, let someone in when you’re driving or just hold the elevator when someone’s running for it 😉

Favorite song: Bid God – Florence & The Machine