PCPini of the week

Name: Zafiro M. Bilali

Instagram Handle: @kineza_pineza

Bio: 50% child, 50% old-soul 🎈 Muggle-Born✨ In a need to see the world ✈️ Graphic Designer 💻 Art Lover 🎨

Favorite PCP’s and why: Biker shorts are my favorite PCPs, cuz I can wear them with sneakers and oversized tees & also high heels ✨ And let’s not forget about the swimwear & the scruuuunchieess!🤩

How are you contributing positively to this big, bad world? I have by my side the people I love & I always try to think positive. 🖤 Plus, I believe in magic & fairies and their pixie dust, so maybe things work out better for me🧚‍♀ Also recently I started recycling. I really believe that we are responsible for our lives and we should take control, so it can become better & happier🍀

Favorite song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen & High Hopes by Pink Floyd ⚡