PCPini of the week

Name: Dida Babatsikou

Instagram Handle: @dida_babatsikou

Bio: Less human, more being.

Favorite PCP’s and why: My most favorites are PCP swimsuits. It’s one way for PCP to remind me, through the summer, how carefree life is when our skin is tanned, the sun falls on us, we’re all day at sea, others enjoying a book, others on their boards and others just lying with a beer. However, as a dancer I love PCP Scrunchies because they help me with my ballet hair and not only when I dance …

How are you contributing positively to this big, bad world? Yes, it’s a big and a bit unpleasant, I would say, world, but we have to be grateful for what we have every day. I survive using my creativity in every way possible, going for walks, drinking good wine, good friends, lots of mountains, lots of seas and trying everything new! Dare to Be free fellas ✨ Dare to Be a Glitter Anarchist ✨

Favorite song: Forever Young, by Jay – Z .