PCPini of the week

Name: Despoina Aristotelidou

Instagram Handle: @desp_ar

Bio: I will win, not immediately but definitely | Architect-Engineer AUTh 📐

Favorite PCP’s and why: For sure, my favorite PCP item is Baby Pink Yeti. Each time I wear it, I feel super comfy, warm and stylish.

How are you contributing positively to this big, bad world? My weapons against the fight of today’s cruel society, are humor and kindness. Being helpful and supportive to people around me and make them laugh, may not change the world, but it will definitely make an impact to my loved ones. Additionally, one of my greatest accomplishments towards this goal was joining a voluntary organization in Morocco.

What are you doing while in Quarantine? I’m trying to stay creative and active, something which is really hard, so finally I end up eating popcorn and watching horror movies. 

Favorite song: Higher Love – Kygo & Whitney Houston