PCPini of the week

Name: Elli Rapti

Instagram Handle: @elliir__

Favorite PCP’s and why: I love my PCP leggings I have been wearing my classic Jacqueline shiny leggings since they first came out, they’re timeless and my go-to piece ever since!! But I also can’t deny that I’m obsessed with the tie-dye hoodies, the athletic leggings, that have gotten me through every gym practice, the swimsuits, and the scrunchies! Everyday mood: A day without wearing my PCP’S is a day wasted! 

How are you contributing positively to this big, bad world?  

I try by creating a positive impact every day because life is made of small moments that we need to appreciate more! 

I think this time that we are going through is a message of the world saying we need to reconsider what matters the most and change our way of existing and be more responsible not only for us but for the whole world! 

I have started to smile more, give more, spend quality time with family because these days, despite the awful things that happen to the planet, are an opportunity to focus on ourselves and become more like the people we wanted to be, we were called to be, we hoped to be and may we stay that way for each other! I think that’s the real contribution: sharing love, kindness, and positivity no matter the difficulties! 

What were you doing while in quarantine:  Cooking healthy food 🥑Working out 🏃‍♀ Drawing 🎨 Decluttering-organizing 🗃 Gaming 🎮 and laughing with family

Favorite song: Can’t stop listening to Mystery of love by Sufjan Stevens! ✨