Pure London & Brighton

Its so nice to have friends living abroad and once in a while visiting them. I am the kind of person that tries to combine business and pleasure. After our participation at Pure London fair trade I went to visit my best friend Nadia who lives in Brighton and studies architecture.

Brighton its so much like Thessaloniki, a city near the sea. I love strolling in the lanes and i love their small stores and the best second hand store «Dirty Harry» where I always find really interesting things like my Dickies salopette which is now my second skin lol. I love that Brighton has so many young people and they are all so free and so kind talking to each other, whenever i go there i get to meet so many people, and you can drive so much inspiration from their garffiti art.

I got to tell you something I am not vegan but they have the best vegan food I have ever had. If you are in Brighton and its sunny (rarely happens) you should spend the day by the beach, its so beautiful and calm over there.