Longsleeve – Women Top Mojito Lime Swim

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Mojito Lime Recipe:

Mix up 50ml White Rum, 25ml Fresh Lime Juice, 25ml Sugar Syrup, 50ml Sparkle WATER, 8-10 Mint Leafs, Ice Cubes.

1.Beat 1-2 times the leaves between your hands to release the aromatic oils and place the leaves in a tall frosted glass with wide mouth.
2. Add the sugar syrup, squeez lime and rum.
3. Add ice and mix in such a way that the contents can homogenize and leaves of peppermint to cover the entire surface of the glass.
4. Fill with plenty of ice so as to completely fill the cup and add the carbonated water.Mix gently and place a straw.

Product details:
  • Flavor: Mojito Lime
  • Crop longsleeve top
  • Fringed sleeves
  • Stretch swim fabric from Italy
  • Quick dry
  • 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
  • Handwash
  • Made in Greece