The Ying & The Yang

I never let myself forget how fortunate I am to travel, and to be able to support myself and my family by doing what I love to do. My passion is fashion. I don’t care how cliche it sounds. Growing up in an economic downturn, one of the worst Europe has ever seen, I had no choice but to stand up. I couldn’t sit or stand by. I’ve always seen myself as a leader, with a love for fashion, and bringing opportunity to the forefront of tackling poverty and sustainability. PCP was an idea, and a dream, that has brought goodness to everyone it’s touched, colour to every closet it has graced, and glitter to every new door it has opened.

Landing in Toronto on a cold, grey Saturday in January, I was warmed by the thought of leaving Greece under the same sky. This great blue world – well grey world – is so fascinating, as it gives life to so many living creatures. After making my way through customs and settling into Meni’s welcoming home, I found myself thinking back to home with a cigarette in hand outside on the balcony. Under this same sky so many things can happen at the same time all across the globe.

The first time I met my North American team settled here in Toronto, Canada, I was gifted with such a fantastic opportunity, but literally greeted by a robbery within my own home in Thessaloniki. Here I am again, meeting with my team for the first time on the other side of the world, thinking of my sick grandmother in Greece. No matter how many wonders are brought to our everyday lives, there is always something trying to steal and tarnish that positive energy. I call this the ying and the yang of life. The yang is suppose to bring us down, giving us something to learn from, but leave many hopeless. Me? It always helps me move forward, inspiring me to continue bringing good to everything around me, from Thessaloniki to here in Toronto.

My visit to Toronto really is an odd one, filled with Spring-like weather conditions and no snow. Not a single opportunity to shred on any slope. Will I let this bring me down? Hell no! With already an adventurous weekend behind me, filled with strolls through local museums, skateboarding down residential streets, as well as overlooking what was visible at Niagara Falls, now forever known as Niagara Fog, has me thrilled to jump on the next plane to sunny Hawaii and ready myself for a new climate. Tackling the design process in a new environment always brings a new inspiration and narrative to the PCP collection. And with a new team in a new country to join the glitter anarchy, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

I can’t wait to share the experience with you. Join me?


The Glitter Anarchist