Toronto fashion week

PCP Clothing Inc. Presents:

The Resist Collection

Resist the rules that hold us back, Resist the barriers that keep you small.

Be bold, be great, be you.

Resist waste, Resist damaging the environment.

Be clean, be healthy, build beauty.

Resist profits over people, Resist negativity.

Be generous, be positivity, be fantastic, be amazing.

This is our protest, our Glitter Anarchy.


This is the poem greeting every guest at their seat at this year’s Toronto Women’s Fashion Week. We decided to make a statement at our first International Runway showcase. Our “Resist” Collection was our creative protest against the negative aspects of the industry, and our commitment to be the exact opposite. If you haven’t heard about us, or what we stand for, well now you have! In 2017 we began our (quiet) journey towards sustainability as a company, keeping things “low key” by design (no pun intended). “It’s something that we believe in as a company, but this space can be a bit intimidating.’ Says Sylvia, communications manager,  ‘There is a lot of pressure to do things correctly and a lot of people ready to tell you you’re doing it wrong.” So we decided to lead by example for a year and see how things went. The results? Here are some of the highlights:

  • All products manufactured in Europe
  • An entire leggings line made out of recycled material
  • All of our woven tags are made out of recycled bottles
  • Our hand loomed fabrics are made with non-toxic dyes

As a company, we are really proud of the small steps we have taken towards sustainability. We are always exploring new avenues and researching and experimenting with new products. And boy have there been some failures! Sustainability is not as easy as we thought, and much of that has to do with availability and cost. We are firm believers of people over profits, but when sustainable materials are cost prohibitive, that’s where the juggling act begins. The balance of ecology, economy, and availability can be overwhelming, but definitely worth it. “Now that we have been working on it for a year, it’s time to get the word out and keep transparency. This way, not only can we get our message out, but it shows that you don’t have to be perfect to make a difference. Small steps can lead to big change in this industry.” Says Sylvia. We want to show that sustainability CAN be sexy, fashionable, and artistic. Our goal is to make it so that sustainable practices are mainstream, and no longer carry that intimidating factor that it has. It’s time to add a little Glitter Anarchy…