Wanna be on top?

GNTM3 – Intro

What does Delta and PCP Clothing have in common?

They both created a “collection” totally “eco”.

Delta, with her new products made out of 100% vegan materials and PCP Clothing with a new collection made out of 100% organic cotton and non-toxic dyes, came together in a new episode of GNTM 3 Boys & Girls!

And you’re gonna ask, how? Was the concept of an advertising spot where guys & girls would drink milk, dressed in PCP? Well no, but yeah.

Our clothes were used for a milk campaign, but not in the original way that everyone thinks.

With an eccentric & athletic styling and lot of energy, a ramp and a waterfall of milk, was created a spectacular concept with motion, as the girls & boys would go through the waterfall.

Some with one click, others with more than one they managed to get a great result and make you want to start your day with a glass of milk, energy, and your comfiest outfit.

And if you got excited by any of the outfits, you can take a look at the collection and get your favorite. I know you won’t resist…

xx Zafiro